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The Illinois Heart Rescue (IL Heart) collaborative brings together recognized experts in community engagement, epidemiology, public health, emergency medical services, education, emergency medicine, neurology and cardiology to improve statewide outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Through community participatory strategies and empowerment models, IL Heart maximizes community input and participation in all IL Heart activities, particularly from vulnerable, rural, and racial and ethnic minority groups in target geographical areas. IL Heart has developed relationships with key community leaders in both downstate rural and urban Latino and African American communities in Illinois, who will help to promote cultural competency strategies in the proposed community, pre-hospital and hospital activities, and to encourage, expand, and support community-initiated grassroots efforts aimed at improving Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) survival rates.

With a state population of over 12 million, and the nation's third most populous city, IL Heart Rescue strives to make a significant public health impact in our nation and creates a model for improving cardiac arrest outcomes in both rural and large urban centers. The strong commitment of the IL Heart Rescue Project to addressing health disparities in its state is unique. This commitment reflects leadership that is committed to improving cardiovascular health in some of the poorest neighborhoods in our nation.

The IL Heart Rescue leadership team represents an unprecedented partnership across institutions, disciplines and diverse communities that ensures effective implementation of project goals.

Key Strengths

  • Illinois-HeartRescue includes a volunteer model of organization with multi disciplines represented (EMS, Cardiology, Neurology, Critical Care)
  • A coalition of community based organizations are committed to a strong disparities focus for bystander CPR and risk factor education.
  • Simulation training for EMS providers and 911 dispatchers is a key component of the initiative.
  • A strong policy focus, with recent legislation passed mandating that students in grades 6-8 receive CPR and AED education.
  • Innovative tactics with hospital hypothermia hotline, strong health disparities plan.
  • High level of collaboration and support, including the Governor's Office.

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