Rethinking Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Leading resuscitation experts collaborate to improve SCA survival rates.

Initiated and funded by the Medtronic Foundation, the HeartRescue project is designed to improve how SCA is recognized, treated and measured around the world.

What is the role of HeartRescue Partners?

The HeartRescue Project begins with a shared belief that SCA is a treatable condition. Working in select geographies, HeartRescue Partners and their partner agencies will work to improve SCA survival rates by expanding and replicating successful city and county out-of-hospital cardiac arrest response programs to statewide levels.  Within their geographies, partners will:

  • Develop an integrated community response to SCA
  • Coordinate public and professional education and training efforts
  • Introduce and apply best-practice treatments to the general public, first responders (police/fire), emergency medical services (EMS) and hospitals
  • Implement a common, systemic method of measuring performance and outcomes of SCA

How does my state become a HeartRescue Partner?

Why is measurement essential to success?

What if my community does not have the resources to implement a successful SCA response program?

What is the role of community leaders in improving SCA response?

How do SCA survival rates reflect the overall effectiveness of an EMS system?

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What Makes the HeartRescue Project Unique?

The HeartRescue Project approach builds on decades of best practices at the bystander, prehospital and hospital level, combining them under one program in order to expand geographic reach. Key elements include: 

  • Publicly stated/measurable goals (a 25% increase in survival rates over the next four years in new partner geographies)
  • A common set of data elements used to measure performance and outcomes
  • State-based reach, to include every size of community
  • Highly collaborative environment, bringing together leaders, influencers, and hundreds of stakeholders in each state
  • A focus on incremental system quality improvement via demonstrable, data-driven evidence
  • A commitment to sharing information and publishing results