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Be the Beat Website SummaryDOWNLOAD
PPT - 2.08 MB
A brief summary of the Be the Beat website and its performance presented by Kelly Griesenback in 2012.

Penn's Center for Resuscitation ScienceVISIT SITE
Numerous resources dealing with CPR, resuscitation and hospital care.

On-Scene ResuscitationDOWNLOAD
MP4 Video - 81.2 MB
An AMR Grand Rounds audio/visual presentation by Dr. Brent Myers speaking on "on-scene resuscitation."

Chest Compression Only CPRDOWNLOAD
PPT - 5.44 MB
A slide presentation used by Dr. Gordon Ewy to teach the fundamentals of compression-only CPR, with background on why it is effective and AEDs. This was developed for medical students' first introduction to this topic.

CPR and AED Awareness WeekDOWNLOAD
JPG - 424 KB
Proclamation by Minnesota Governor Dayton that June 3, 2012 is CPR and AED Awareness Week.

PDF - 7.99 MB
Contains the graphics to make your own CPR on a stick, a program developed to promote CPR at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.

Resuscitation Academies

HART - Hypothermia and Resuscitation Training Institute at PennVISIT SITE
Hypothermia and Resuscitation Training Institute at Penn (HART) is an intensive two-day "boot camp" designed to educate relevant care providers on in-hospital care of cardiac arrest patients, most specifically to teach about post-arrest care, including the use of therapeutic temperature management (TTM), cardiac catheterization, internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD) consideration and advanced ICU care.

Arizona CPR Dispatch AcademyVISIT SITE
A single-day academy held to teach the benefits and mechanics of providing CPR instructions as part of an emergency dispatch call.

Minnesota AcademyVISIT SITE
Find the date and location for the next resuscitation academy, as well as a list of topics covered on this site. Also contains links to all handouts provided at the past academies.

Resuscitation Academy (Washington)VISIT SITE
The Resuscitation Academy is designed to help EMS managers and directors improve cardiac arrest survival in their communities. RA has spawned many of the other academies conducted throughout the US.

Emergency Planning Guides

Role of Emergency DispatcherDOWNLOAD
MP4 Video - 82.4 MB
An AMR Grand Rounds audio/visual presentation by Dr. Tom Rea on the role of the emergency dispatcher in an effective and efficient SCA Chain of Survival.


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Partner Sites

A comprehensive site devoted to improving survival among SCA victims throughout the state of Arizona.

Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium, part of the University of Minnesota, presents a variety of resources for the public through the ER.


Carl and His FamilyDOWNLOAD
MP4 Video - 16.7 MB
Video documenting the save of Carl Borquist in Bozeman, MT, April 30, 2012. Provided by AMR.

John BertagnolliDOWNLOAD
MP4 Video - 19.9 MB
Video documenting the save of John Bertagnolli in Bozeman, MT, March 30, 2011. Provided by AMR.

Stories for ArizonaVISIT SITE
Heartwarming vignettes of numerous saves made in Arizona.

HeartRescue Program Materials

PDF - 7.83 MB
A community response planning guide for Sudden Cardiac Arrest -- a 78 page summary of the current best practices in community SCA response.

Statewide strategies to improve cardiac arrest survivalDOWNLOAD
PPT - 8.99 MB
Summary presentation about HRP and initiatives in several states presented at NAEMSP on January 13, 2012 by Drs. Michael Sayre, Daniel Spaite, Ben Bobrow, Gordon Ewy, Brent Myers, Ed Racht, Scott Bourn, and Ms. Lisa Monk and Lynn White.

Year in Review - 2012-2013DOWNLOAD
PPT - 50.9 MB
A pictorial review of HRP from spring 2012 through 2013.

Mission: Lifeline Resuscitation Systems of CareDOWNLOAD
PPT - 19.7 MB
A review of Mission Lifeline and HeartRescue Project systems of care in North Carolina presented by Dr. Chris Granger in fall 2012.

It Takes a System to Make a SaveDOWNLOAD
PDF - 296 KB
EMS World article about HRP by Ed Racht and Lynn White, published September 2012.

Q&A with Joan MellorDOWNLOAD
PDF - 188 KB
A 3 page Q&A between Jennifer Goodwin, associate editor of Best Practices in Emergency Services and Joan Mellor, project manager for HRP. August 2012.

Doing Big Things in Big Sky CountryDOWNLOAD
PDF - 104 KB
A vignette of activities in Bozeman, Montana to improve SCA survival. September 2012 in Best Practices in Emergency Services.

Important Advances in Prehospital Cardiac Care and ResuscitationDOWNLOAD
PDF - 13 MB
Supplement to JEMS 2012 that discusses Pennsylvania's efforts to improve SCA survival.

SCA Reports

SCA Facts - Feb 2012DOWNLOAD
DOC - 75.5 KB
A one-sheet summary of facts about SCA by Ms. Lynn White.


Community SCA Response Guide

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