CPR & AED Training Programs

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Options for CPR/AED Training

If you are looking to develop a community CPR/AED Training Program, training enough people to ensure you will have an impact requires a concerted, coordinated effort. However, with the introduction of short skills training, such as compression-only CPR in 10 minutes or less, the task may not be as daunting as it appears.

Traditional certificate-based CPR courses designed for citizen rescuers often entail a several-hour time commitment and cost approximately $50. They are useful for individuals who wish to receive additional training or whose jobs require certification. Here are a few useful links:

Videos that can be used in your training:


CPR Demo

AED Demo


Compression-Only CPR Guide: Download PDF 


Community SCA Response Planning Guide

The HeartRescue Community Response Guide provides a step-by-step approach to implementing a community program.