HeartRescue Partner - Maryland


Key Goal: To enhance the response to, and care of, patients with sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (SCA) in a way that will improve outcomes from SCA in all communities and populations in Maryland.

Maryland Resuscitation Academy – Goal: Improve survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest throughout the state of Maryland.


Maryland Resuscitation Academy


Key Strengths

  • Maryland-wide effort to teach and institute High Performance CPR for EMS
  • Maryland Resuscitation Academy
  • Cardiac Arrest Steering Committee – statewide committee to coordinate community, dispatch and EMS response to cardiac arrest
  • High Performance CPR Protocol statewide – optional in 2012; required in 2015.
  • CPR and AED education for all high school students required to be demonstrated in the health curriculum
  • All EMS jurisdictions in Maryland providing 911 response are using one electronic Patient Care Report, allowing aggregation of cardiac data and review
  • Statewide initiative, starting January 2016, for all EMS agencies to upload cardiac arrest cases electronically to CARES. Completed December 2016.
  • Strong partnership with hospitals resulting in their support to upload patient outcome information to CARES for EMS Sudden Cardiac Arrest patients delivered to their hospital.


Maryland Heart Rescue Project

Ms. Lisa Myers

Maryland Resuscitation Academy

Ms. Kelly Derthick





Lisa Myers
Director, Cardiac and Special Programs, MIEMSS








Kelly Derthick
Executive Director, Maryland Resuscitation Academy,
Howard County Dept. of Fire and Rescue




Melanie Gertner
State CARES Coordinator,  MIEMSS









Dr. Kevin G. Seaman, M.D., FACEP, FAEMS
Chair, Maryland Cardiac Arrest Steering Committee
Medical Director, Maryland Resuscitation Academy






Dr. Richard L. Alcorta, M. D., FACEP
State EMS Medical Director,  MIEMSS