HeartRescue Partner - Vermont


The Vermont Alliance for Critical Heart Resuscitation (VTACHR) is an ongoing collaboration to improve out of hospital cardiac arrest survival in the state of Vermont. Our multi-year vision is to incrementally enhance the collective links in what the American Heart Association refers to as the “chain of survival” and through data collection and performance improvement carve an evidence based pathway toward decreased morbidity and mortality after cardiac arrest.

Key Strengths

The VTACHR project will focus on the following key areas:

  • High performance CPR and cardiac arrest management
  • Data collection and performance improvement
  • Bystander CPR and public access AEDs
  • Emergency medical dispatch and dispatcher guided CPR



The Team

Emma Gause, EMS Data Manager, Vermont Department of Health

Dan Batsie, EMS Chief, Vermont Department of Health

Dan Wolfson, EMS Medical Director, Vermont Department of Health & University of Vermont Medical Center

Sarah Lamb, CARES Coordinator, Vermont Department of Health & Richmond Rescue