HeartRescue Partner - Minnesota


The University of Minnesota Medical School – Cardiovascular Division leads the Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium, a partnership of organizations and acute care physicians focused on providing a new platform of treatments and technologies to more rapidly deploy and evaluate advances in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.


Key Strengths

The MRC has brought translational research to a new level within the EMS field, both hospital and pre-hospital.  They have proven that translational research has a valuable place in EMS and will impact outcomes.  The MRC has also spearheaded a novel approach to improving EMS care by effectively bringing together disparate groups of medical professionals.  This strategy has led to innovations and collaborations between groups that has elevated each groups and improved patient care.

  • Dedication to the development, evaluation and advancement of novel life-saving technologies for the treatment of acute cardiovascular collapse, including cardiac arrest, shock and trauma.
  • EMS and Cardiology committees representing leadership statewide are developing standardized best practices for cardiac arrest management and care.
  • SCA survivors lead efforts to increase bystander response.
  • Developed statewide leadership teams of citizens, community leaders, emergency care professionals, and physicians to work on projects that ultimately will help improve survival rates.
  • Developed bystander CPR  training registry and an AED registry specifically for Minnesota.


Kim Harkins Program Manager
Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium University of Minnesota
Website: www.mrc.umn.edu
Email: mrc@umn.edu


The Team

Demetris Yannopoulos, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium
Director of Research, Interventional Cardiology Section




Kim Harkins
Program Manager





Lucinda Klann
Minnesota State CARES Coordinator and Analyst





Esther Almeida
Administrative Coordinator